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Being a relationship focused manager

Jacques Salomé is a social psychologist. he claims that people can bloom in the workplace, but the reader learns that managers are still too often in the "stone age" of human relationships.


Jacques Salomé

Managing through trust

Jean-François Zobrist has managed Favi, a brass foundry in the north of France, as a company without structures. He leaned on the « trust in the people ?» and on the « love of the client ».


Jean-François Zobrist

Equal opportunity for all

Jean-Luc Petithuguenin took over a small paper recycling company in the Paris region. In 12 years, he turned it into a recognized group with strong, steady growth as well as an example of effective diversity.


Jean-Luc Petithuguenin

Managing by excellence

Thierry d'Arbonneau, former admiral ordering French submarine forces describes a leading role founded on an indefectible commitment of the technicians and the hierarchy, serving the mission, leaning on a genuine team spirit.
Chosen examples refer to the world of business


Thierry d'Arbonneau

How can we best manage Gen Y?

Jean-Luc Excousseau, a doctor in sociology and specialist of generations and categories of ages explains the characteristics of Gen Y population, his difference with the previous generation (gen X) and how to take advantage from her exuberant energy without making overflow.

Vignette - Comment manager la g�©n�©ration Y

Jean-Luc Excousseau

How to succeed in your new position?

Dominique Christian, gives advice on how to succeed this special time which constitutes, for a manager, entering a new position.
An Instant of observation and adaptation which gives opportunity "to acquire intelligence" by writing, with the new team, the next chapter of the history.

Vignette - R�©ussir sa prise de fonction

Dominique Christian

How to best employ the seniors

Eric Deschavanne is professor of philosophy at the Sorbonne university in Paris. He explains the role that seniors can play in companies, these men and women who crossed a summit in their life and can make companies take benefit of their specific qualities.

Vignette - Le bon emploi des s�?©niors

Eric Deschavanne

Team efficiency of the Executive Committee

François Dupuy is a sociologist, He asks a set of 10 questions to challenge an Executive Committee on its effectiveness as a management team.
He also reminds some key principles to reinforce his collegiate functioning.

Vignette - L'efficacit�?© collective du Comit�?© Ex�?©cutif

François Dupuy

Resilience, rebound with a team, after a failure.

Dominique Christian, a philosopher, proposes a thought to rebound after a failure, as a team.
Leaning on researches led to the organizations which get up again better than others, he describes the key points of this organizational resilience, to be applied daily.

Vignette - La r�©silience, rebondir en �©quipe apr�¨s un �©chec

Dominique Christian

Understanding generation Y

Jean-Luc Excousseau explains what it is necessary to know about this famous generation Y, these "enfultes" which link culture and instinct, that wobble between child and adult.

Vignette - Comprendre la g�©n�©ration Y

How to use the behavioral preferences 2/2

Yves Penvern explains how to use our behavioral preferences in our relations with our peers, our collaborators or our customers.

Vignette - Utiliser nos pr�©f�©rences comportementales 2/2

Yves Penvern

Conducting your performance appraisal meetings

Anne-Marie Jegard is a Human Resources expert.>She describes the best listening attitudes and the frequent errors to avoid to conduct successfully a performance appraisal meeting.

Vignette - R�©ussir ses entretiens individuels

Anne-Marie Jegard

7 keys for managerial performances

Christian Potié, Partner at Ovale Performance describes a digest of the best managerial practices to be an efficient and happy manager.

Vignette - Les 7 cl�©s de la performance manag�©riale

Christian Poti�©

How to manage within complexity?

Dominique Genelot brings us the thoughts and concrete illustrations in order to manage a company within complexity.

Vignette - Comment manager dans la complexit�© ?

Dominique Genelot

Managing through passion, Leadership

Jean-luc Grisot, General Manager of VALRHONA explains how this chocolate factory in the south of France manufactures and distributes worldwide the "best chocolate in the world."

L'excellence chez Valrhona

Jean-Luc Grisot

Turning Around a Failing Company

Daniel HARARI, General Manager of LECTRA had to impose his vision, almost alone against all, strategic development plans. Renew 100% of the offer? Relocate to China? He brings us into his world of cutting machines and tells us how to improve profitability without denying the DNA of the company.


Daniel Harari

Efficiency, wisdom ... How to find inspiration among the monks?

SĂ©bastien Henry, explains what the monastic life can be an inspiration source for leaders. He explains the principles borrowed from the monks and offers exercises and tools to stand back, find more sense and gain peace of mind to develop one's capacity of decision.


SĂ©bastien Henry

The Democrorship

With Daniel Harari, the rules of the game are simple and well known by all: express yourself and I decide.


Daniel Harari

Satisfy our teams, delight our clients

"Happy staff makes happy customers", here are the basics for Jean-Luc Grisot, CEO of Valrhona, French big chocolate maker.


L'Ă©cole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona

How to manage Generation Z ?

Does Generation Y exhaust you? Then you will love Generation Z! Famous guru of Generations, Jean-Luc Excousseau, sociologist, reveals secrets of a little-know generation but who is descending in our companies.

QD13_generation Z

Jean-Luc Excousseau

Understanding Lean Management

Christian Potié, an expert in Lean Management tells the story of Mrs. Germaine, packaging operator who fails to comply with the operating times despite its good intentions.


Christian Poti�©

How to practice Appreciative Inquiry

And if, to solve your problems, you were looking for the solutions that work well. ?
The advantage? Motivate teams, to achieve faster and exceed the goal and sustain the changes.


Bernard Tollec et Isabelle Richard

Women, as Leaders

Fields Wicker-Miurin talks about these women leaders who inspired her during her life, describes the key points to a successful career and gives her vision of a female leadership.


Fields Wicker-Miurin

Power and authority of the leader

Yann-Hervé MARTIN, a professor of philosophy knows the world of business and gives us a benchmark for a smooth and efficient exercise of power and authority.


Yann-Herv�© Martin

The story of an incredible growth.

Mohed Altrad, CEO of ALTRAD group, tells his unique history that begins with pain in the Syrian desert and continues to Montpellier at the head of a French growing ETI for 28 years.


Mohed Altrad

What kind of manager for the 21st century?

What are the main challenges facing the manager of the 21st century? Hervé Sérieyx, a renowned essayist, propose to test our managerial skills.

QD14_manager 21 siecle

Hervé Sérieyx

4 core values for a strong growth

Laurent Bataille leads Poclain Hydraulics, a French family company,. The extraordinary growth of this company is based on four core values.


Laurent Bataille

4 valeurs cl�©s pour une croissance forte - 2

This part describes the values ��of innovation and People development in the business and in particular the agreement in 2009 to preserve employment,


Laurent Bataille


Palmis TV est partenaire média du premier salon du management les 14 et 15 novembre 2017 à  Paris..

logo Salon du management 2017

Sensitivity, poetry and management

Valérie Gauthier, Associate Professor at HEC Paris, takes us into the world of poetry to strengthen our leadership.


Val�©rie Gauthier

How to become a world leader? 1-The right tempo

Xavier Fontanet is a major French CEO who rose BENETEAU and ESSILOR to the rank of world leaders.


Xavier Fontanet

Transformation : What is important not to do!

Maurice Thévenet gives us the findings of a study on success and failure factors of large enterprise transformation programs, with humor and common sense.


Maurice Thevenet

freedom-form company

Eric Bo�«l manages "Les Tissages de Charlieu" a SME specialized in the weaving of Jacquard near Roanne. A beautiful freedom-form comany example .


Eric Boël

Adaptive Governance

Jean-François Hadida runs Orange Campus, the university whose mission is to prepare managers for the world of today and tomorrow.


Jean-François Hadida

Managing a consciousness

Flora Bernard co-founded the philosophy agency Thaé. It tells the four major phases of management history that inevitably lead us to manage a consciousness.


Flora Bernard

5 fundamentals of management

Philippe DĂ©trie, founder of the Maison du Management, has identified 5 fundamental trends that should change management in the coming years.


Philippe DĂ©trie

Manager: a job to reinvent

First part of the study presented by OpinionWay at the Salon du Management 2017.


Future Challenges for Managers

Second part of the study presented by OpinionWay at the Salon du Management 2017.